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Trojan Armor - Tommy Trojan Armor Used during the 1995-2000 Seasons

This is the suit armor I built while I was riding Traveler during my tour of duty as Tommy Trojan from 1995-2000.  This Trojan armor is made of all hand cut and formed and tooled leather.  It is a stylized suite of Trojan armor and not a representative of Trojan Armor.  It was agreed upon by those in charge of USC's branding and marketing that the common understood image is something that is a mix of Greek, Roman and the modern concept of what a Trojan Image is.  Those mixtures and the representative armor on the Trojan Statue at USC was what I used to develop this image.  The shoes, shinguards, armguards and helmt are exact replicas of what is on the Tommy Trojan Statue on the USC Campus.  The breastplate is a leather muscled Breastplate to compliment the existing elements and to mimic the muscled torso of the Tommy Trojan Statue.  The sword is a Roman Gladius with a Fulhum Blade.  The tunic is a match of those worn by Romans and keyed to match the USC Marching band.  The plume on the helmet uses actual hair from Travelers 3, 4, 5 with one red feather from the Original Tommy Trojan helmet worn by Richard Saukko.  The spear was not approved for use.