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Ardeshir Radpour - Bio and Resume
Ardeshir Radpour - Bio and Resume


Ardeshir Radpour was born in Tehran Iran in November of 1969 and moved to the United States in 1977 as the revolution was taking hold.  As a Zoroastrian Persian sharing a tradition going back to the time of Cyrus the Great, Ardeshir has strived to keep alive and promote the proud history of the Ancient Persians.  His undergraduate degrees from the University of Southern California were in Political Science and History with emphasis in Classics and a graduate degree from California State University Northridge in Political Science.

As a child he was exposed to horses in Iran with Uncles and Cousins who were accomplished equestrians and a great uncle was an officer in the Reza Shah's Cavalry and a polo player.  Growing up in the United States his real opportunity came while at USC when he was formally introduced to the sport of Polo and more importantly his mentors in the sport, Sue Sally Hale and Stormie Hale.  From the fundamentals of Dressage to the formal techniques in polo to the Cavalry arts, Ardeshir spent everyday riding and training to achieve a classical and formal discipline in Horsemanship.  Mixing his Martial Arts background in disciplines such as Karate and Kendo, extensive experience in archery and the use of combat weapons such as swords, battle axe and spear, the steps towards bringing to life the arts and tactics of his ancestors were being formed.  With a natural artistic ability, from painting to sculpting and crafting, he has geared much of his abilities toward creating the armor and accessories needed to bring to life the world of the Persians.

His Studies in classics, his formal training in the classical arts of horsemenship and his background in the martial arts, ancient and medieval weapons makes him one of the most qualified experts in classical military history and the cavalry arts.